Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Opening an Etsy shop and Do-it-yourself Light Box

Well, I've gone and done it. I opened an Etsy shop. This is where I'll showcase my new creations.  Right now, I've got a ceramic sculpture, some magnets, and some pins made from old game tiles. Soon I will offer custom pet sculptures. My shop is called Alien Robot Cookbook. (See how it all ties together?)

Taking photographs is a challenge. I built myself a light box from an old cardboard box and some baking parchment.

I learned how from awesome photographer Jen Kiaba's blog: http://www.jenkiaba.com/2009/06/diy-lightbox-for-under-10.html

Thanks Jen! It was a fun project and I think my photos turned out much, much better than they might have without your assistance.

Now if Joey doesn't put it on his head, I'll be on my way!